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Chilli Hemp Oil CC Moore 500ml

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Regular price £12.99
Regular price Sale price £12.99

CC Moore 500ml Pure Chilli Hemp Oil

CC Moore Hemp & Chilli Oil: A Potent All-Season Attractant

Key Features:

  1. Pure Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil: The base of this attractant is pure, cold-pressed hemp oil, known for its natural appeal to fish.

  2. Super-Hot Chilli Seed Oil: Infused with super-hot chilli seed oil, adding a powerful and spicy bite to the attractant.

  3. Year-Round Attractant: Suitable for use throughout the year, providing a versatile option for anglers in various fishing conditions.

  4. Ideal for Carp and Barbel: Specifically designed to attract Carp and Barbel, offering a targeted solution for these species.

  5. Boosts and Flavours: Acts as an excellent booster and flavour enhancer for boilies, particles, pellets, loose feeds, and hookbaits.

  6. Oil-Based Formula: Being oil-based, it is 100% PVA friendly, allowing for easy use in PVA bags or mesh.

Usage Tips:

  • Boilies, Particles, and Pellets: Apply the Hemp & Chilli Oil to boilies, particles, and pellets to boost their attractiveness.

  • Loose Feeds: Add the oil to your loose feeds to create a flavourful and enticing feeding area.

  • Hookbaits: Enhance the appeal of your hookbaits by coating them with this spicy and potent attractant.

  • PVA-Friendly: As an oil-based formula, it is suitable for use in PVA bags or mesh, providing versatility in presentation.

Note: Always refer to the product's specific instructions and guidelines for the recommended usage and application.

The CC Moore Hemp & Chilli Oil combines the natural attraction of hemp oil with the intense heat of chilli seed oil, creating a year-round, species-specific attractant. Whether you're targeting Carp or Barbel, this potent oil adds spice and flavour to your baits, making it an excellent addition to your angling arsenal.