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Sticky Baits Manilla Shelf Life

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Regular price £12.99
Regular price Sale price £12.99

The Sticky Baits Manilla Shelf Life Boilies, well, they're quite the game-changer for anglers all year round. They've got this unique peanut protein that's only found in Sticky Baits' arsenal – a real secret weapon in the fishing bait world. But you know, Sticky Baits doesn't stop at just one trick.

They've mixed in a bunch of blended milk proteins and birdfoods that have quite the reputation. Now, the real star of the show, and what gives the range its name, is this natural Madagascan vanilla extract. It doesn't just make carp bite faster; it might even tempt you to sneak a bite yourself!

Now, if you've ever used peanuts in your fishing, you'll know how much carp love them. But here's the kicker – because of the high-fat content, you couldn't use them too much. Well, Sticky Baits figured that out too. They've got a revolutionary ingredient that's been defatted, making it not only irresistible to carp but also healthy.

You might be wondering, what's the difference between these shelf life boilies and their freezer bait buddies? The only thing setting them apart is a natural preservative, which, in reality, makes these boilies more accessible to a wider range of anglers. So, if you're already using the Manilla Freezer Bait, it might be a smart move to stash a few kilos of the Shelf Life version in your car.

These Manilla Shelf Life Boilies come in 12mm, 16mm, and 20mm sizes, and you can get them in 1kg or 5kg bags. Trust us, these boilies are going to seriously up your carp-catching game. So, don't wait around – get yourself some Sticky Baits Manilla Shelf Life Boilies and watch your catch rates go through the roof, all thanks to the irresistible power of these exceptional baits. Get ready to reel in carp after carp and have a blast with these game-changing boilies from Sticky Baits.