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Sticky Baits Manilla - FULL RANGE - Active Boilies Pellets Popups Bag Mix

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Regular price £12.99
Regular price Sale price £12.99


Discover the excellence of the Sticky Baits Manilla range, encompassing an array of top-tier baits designed to entice and satisfy even the most discerning carp.

Featuring a unique blend of Sticky's exclusive peanut protein alongside refined milk proteins and birdfood, the Manilla range offers the most comprehensive and nutritionally balanced year-round bait selection available.

Enhanced with the delightful essence of Madagascan vanilla extract, the Manilla baits are renowned for their tantalizing aroma, setting a benchmark in the world of angling baits.

Shelf Life Boilies: Closely resembling their freezer bait counterparts, these shelf life boilies have a natural preservative incorporated into their mix, ensuring an extended shelf life without compromising quality.

Anglers already familiar with the effectiveness of Manilla Freezer Bait understand the value of keeping a stash of Manilla Shelf Life handy for instant fishing action.

Pellets: Manilla Pellets feature an outer coating packed with Sticky's exclusive peanut protein and soluble milks, releasing a dense cloud of attraction that lingers along the lake bed. Enriched with natural salts, sugars, and the captivating Madagascan vanilla extract, these pellets are perfect for PVA bags, ground baits, or spod mixes.

Additionally, they can be expertly 'balled up' with a liquid for molding around a method feeder, ensuring an irresistible bed of complete attraction for any hungry carp.

Active Mix: The Manilla Active Mix boasts an intensified concentration of the base mix combined with boosted soluble ingredients, resulting in a rapid release of attractors.

Submerged in water, this mix emits small food particles, enticing fish and encouraging feeding while keeping food items to a minimum. Designed primarily for bags and sticks, this high-quality mix appeals to a wide range of anglers, promising effectiveness even when mixed 50/50 with crumb for a cost-effective solution.

Pop Ups: Available in various sizes and colors, Manilla Pop-Ups offer versatility for different presentations, from zigs to chod rigs. Their slightly different color scheme matches perfectly with bottom baits when immersed in water, while the optional

Manilla Glug and Bait Spray add irresistible appeal. These pop-ups can be used individually or paired with other Manilla products for enhanced effectiveness.

Wafters: Manilla Wafters boast a color difference from the bottom baits, designed to match perfectly once immersed in water. Paired with the Manilla Bait Glug and Bait Spray for increased attraction, these wafters work brilliantly alone or combined with other Manilla products.

Glug: Crafted without synthetic chemicals or flavors, the Manilla Glug presents pure liquid food that's irresistible to carp. Ideal for boosting the attraction of freebies or enhancing any bait, this glug is versatile and known for its fish-pulling capabilities.

Manilla Liquid: A natural liquid blend of highly soluble food elements, salts, and sugars, the Cloudy Manilla Liquid creates a haze close to the lake bed, enticing fish to feed freely. This irresistible concoction triggers a feeding frenzy upon application to the swim, inviting fish with confidence.