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Sticky Baits Manilla ACTIVE Bundle Deals 5kg All Sizes + Popups

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Regular price £56.99
Regular price Sale price £56.99

Sticky Baits Manilla boilie bundles from 5kg 

Our year-round range features a revolutionary peanut protein exclusively available to Sticky Baits, a groundbreaking ingredient previously untapped in the bait industry.

This unique component, partially defatted to meet nutritional criteria, proves irresistible to carp while offering comprehensive nutritional benefits.

The key to Manilla's success lies not only in this revolutionary ingredient but also in a complex blend of milk proteins and birdfoods with a stellar track record.

At the heart of the range’s instant attraction is the pure, completely natural Madagascan vanilla extract, lending both rapid bite response and an enticing aroma that might tempt even you to indulge in the entire bag!

Manilla Freezer & Shelf Life Boilies: While Manilla serves as the eponymous figure of this range, these potent boilies contain an exclusive peanut protein unique to Sticky Baits. Carp find peanuts highly addictive, but their high-fat content has historically limited their usage in baits—until now!

Our shelf life variant remains as close as possible to its freezer bait counterpart, differing only in the inclusion of a natural preservative extending its shelf life. This adjustment not only preserves freshness but also expands its appeal to a broader customer base. For those already acquainted with Manilla Freezer Bait, keeping a kilo or two of the Shelf Life variant in your car is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Available in 're-sealable' bags to uphold freshness, Manilla Freezer & Shelf Life Boilies are offered in 12mm, 16mm, and 20mm sizes, supplied in 1kg & 5kg packaging.