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Sticky Baits Active Krill 5kg Shelf Life 12mm

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Regular price £51.99
Regular price Sale price £51.99

5KG Sticky Baits Active Krill Shelflife 12mm - £51.99

Krill Active emerged from our angling experiences on the legendary Lac de St Cassien in 2014. By incorporating additional liquids and powders into the bait, we created a formula that rapidly releases abundant attraction and food signals, setting it apart from standard baits. This exclusive blend consistently yielded astounding results during special trips, showcasing its unparalleled effectiveness.

In 2020, we're thrilled to unveil this product to the market. Using specialized machinery, we've perfected a process that allows large-scale production. The bait's paste-like coating, enriched with super-soluble liquids and powders, swiftly releases attraction upon contact with water. Its success lies in the copious amino acids discharged by this coating. Carp are drawn to amino acids in the water, and this bait generates these signals unlike any other on the market.

Notably, Krill Active has consistently outperformed standard Krill boilies in every fishing instance. We're excited to bring forth this product, confident that we've enhanced one of the all-time best baits.

Krill Active is available in sizes 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, and 24mm. For optimal performance, avoid air-drying this boilie