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SOFT Ghost ESP Fluorocarbon Hooklink 20m. Soft Ghost All Sizes

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Regular price £11.49
Regular price Sale price £11.49

Key Features of ESP Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon:

  1. New and Improved Formula: The ESP Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon is a new and improved version, replacing the previous iteration of E-S-P Soft Ghost. This fluorocarbon material is designed to offer enhanced performance and characteristics.

  2. Enhanced Softness: One of the key attributes that sets the new Soft Ghost apart from its predecessor is its increased softness. The fluorocarbon material is exceptionally soft, allowing it to behave impeccably. It can be straightened out straight off the spool without the need for steam. Despite its softness, it still provides efficient kicking of the hook bait away from the lead.

  3. Improved Stretch and Knot Strength: The new Soft Ghost addresses some common concerns associated with fluorocarbons, including lack of stretch and impact resistance. The improved material now possesses a nice degree of stretch, providing better overall performance. Additionally, it exhibits superb knot strength, enhancing its reliability in various fishing scenarios.

  4. Specific Gravity of 1.78: With a specific gravity of 1.78, which is heavier than water, Soft Ghost sinks quickly without requiring additional tungsten putty. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for presentations where a quick sinking line is advantageous.

  5. Invisibility in Water: The Soft Ghost is virtually invisible when submerged in water due to its light refractive index being similar to that of water. This property makes it an excellent choice for situations where a low-visibility presentation is crucial.

  6. Versatile Applications: Soft Ghost is suitable for a range of presentations, including braid/fluoro combi rigs, reverse combi rigs, 'D' rigs, and as a boom for hinged stiff rigs. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for anglers targeting wary carp in clear water.

  7. Available Sizes: The Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon is available on 20m spools in four breaking strains: 10lb (4.5kg), 12lb (5.5kg), 15lb (6.9kg), and 18lb (8.2kg). This variety allows anglers to choose the appropriate breaking strain based on their fishing requirements.

The ESP Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon is a reliable and versatile hooklink material designed to meet the demands of modern carp fishing. With its softness, improved stretch, knot strength, and quick sinking properties, it caters to various fishing scenarios, especially those involving wary carp in clear water. The virtually invisible nature of Soft Ghost adds an extra edge to anglers looking for a low-visibility presentation.