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Smoked Chorizo Oil CC Moore 500ml

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Regular price £12.99
Regular price Sale price £12.99
CC Moore 500ml Smoked Chorizo Oil

CC Moore Smoked Sausage Oil: Irresistible Attractiveness

Key Features:

1. CC Moore Exclusive: This oil is a CC Moore-exclusive product, ensuring a unique and effective formulation.

2. Rich Smoked Sausage Profile: Adds a rich smoked sausage profile to pellets, boilie mixes, hookbaits, and loose feeds.

3. Warm Months Attractant: Particularly effective during the warmer months of the year, providing enhanced attraction.

4. Versatile Application: Can be used as a boilie additive, hookbait enhancer, or to boost the attractiveness of loose feeds.

5. Zig Rigs: Ideal for use in zig rigs, adding a lasting and appetite-stimulating profile to the presentation.

6. Surface Baits: Great for coating surface baits, creating an irresistible appeal that encourages fish to feed.

7. Year-Round Effectiveness: While designed for warmer months, it can still be effective year-round, providing versatility.

8. Appetite-Stimulating: Creates an appetite-stimulating profile, making baits more appealing to fish.

Usage Tips:

- Pellets and Loose Feeds: Enhance pellets and loose feeds with the rich smoked sausage profile for increased attractiveness.

- Boilies: Use as a boilie additive to infuse boilies with the unique smoked sausage aroma.

- Hookbaits: Apply the oil to hookbaits for an enhanced scent and flavor, increasing their overall appeal.

- Zig Rigs: Incorporate into zig rigs to attract fish in the midwater layers during warmer months.

- Surface Baits: Coat surface baits to add a lasting and enticing profile, encouraging fish to feed on the surface.

- Year-Round Use: While designed for warmer months, experiment with its use in different fishing conditions.

Note: Always refer to the product's specific instructions and guidelines for the recommended usage and application.

The CC Moore Smoked Sausage Oil stands out as a CC Moore-exclusive attractant, bringing a rich smoked sausage profile to your fishing baits. Ideal for warmer months, this oil can be applied to pellets, boilies, hookbaits, and loose feeds, creating an appetite-stimulating and irresistible appeal that enhances your chances of success on the water.