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Rapala X Rap Peto Slow Sinking Lures Pike Perch Zander Catfish + FREE TRACE

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Regular price £17.99
Regular price Sale price £17.99


Introducing the Lure Fishing Beast: X-Rap® Peto

Rapala's X-Rap® Peto is a game-changer, seamlessly blending the fish-catching prowess of the X-Rap® construction with a meticulously color-matched soft tail, resulting in an innovative hybrid bait that's bound to entice the most elusive predators.

Unparalleled Performance in Challenging Conditions

Designed for cold water and challenging conditions, the X-Rap® Peto boasts a slow sink rate and impeccable horizontal fall, making it an ideal choice when the fishing gets tough. Whether retrieved steadily or jerked and paused to mimic wounded prey, the bait's wide tail action mesmerizes predators, drawing strikes even in the most inhospitable environments.

Durable Construction, Irresistible Action

Crafted with an ABS body and flexible PVC tail, the X-Rap® Peto offers the perfect balance of durability and lifelike action. Its soft tail is expertly secured to the body with a robust 6-point stainless plate, ensuring seamless performance and longevity, even after repeated strikes from aggressive predators.

Tailor-Made for Big Predators

Tailored for pike and large predator fishing, the X-Rap® Peto comes equipped with VMC® Coastal Black™ treble hooks, ensuring solid hooksets and secure landings. Each lure package includes a spare tail, providing added convenience and peace of mind on the water.


  • Length: Available in 14cm and 20cm sizes
  • Weight: 39g and 83g respectively
  • Running Depth: 0.5 - 1m
  • Hooks: 2x Treble #3 for 14cm, 2x Treble #2/0 for 20cm
  • Pack Qty: 1x Full Lure, 1 Spare Tail

In summary, the X-Rap® Peto is a versatile and effective tool for anglers targeting trophy-sized predators. With its unmatched performance, durable construction, and lifelike action, it's sure to become a staple in the tackle boxes of serious anglers worldwide.