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CC Moore Bait Bag Mix Collection

1. Milk 'n' Nut Crush

  • Highly attractive loose feed with human food grade nut products and sweet, creamy powder blend.
  • Balanced mix of nut particles and water-soluble powders for prolonged effectiveness.
  • Crushed tiger nuts, peanuts, skimmed milk, lactose, whey protein, and cream powders create a powerful stimulant.
  • Forms a thick white cloud of attraction, enticing fish to dig around for hours.

2. Salmon Micro Feed Bag Mix

  • Creates a carpet of small food particles for prolonged fish attraction.
  • Blend with Mini Ultramix, Mini Halibut Pellets, Intense Chilli Hemp for extended feeding confidence.
  • High-quality fish meals, added amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.
  • Protein content of 55% and oil content of 24%.

3. Mini Ultramix Pellets

  • Blend of potent fish-attracting 'mini' pellets for ready-made PVA bags.
  • Breaks down at different speeds, releasing attractors and stimulants constantly.
  • Contains high-quality fingerling and fish 'rearer' pellets rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and omega fish oils.
  • Perfect for compressed distance bags and pellet paste.

4. Oily Bag Mix

  • Designed by successful day ticket anglers for constant fish attraction.
  • Carefully selected blend of fish-attracting products with antioxidants, fish proteins, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, and omega fish oils.
  • Includes Salmon Micro Feed and Antarctic Krill Meal for a fine natural particle cloud.
  • Suitable for warm or cold water use.

5. All Season Bag Mix

  • PVA bag mix with a blend of pellets, powders, and appetite stimulants for year-round use.
  • Sweet, caramel profile for instant, highly digestible attraction.
  • Different ingredients break down at varying speeds for constant fish enticement.
  • Ideal for naturals, boilies, and cold-water fishing.

Usage Tip:

  • Naturals: Pair All Season Bag Mix with naturals like Bloodworm or Krill for effective results.
  • Boilies: Mix 50:50 with crumbed boilies for an excellent PVA bag mix.
  • Cold Water: Moisturize with Amino Blend 365 or Feedstim XP for maximum attraction in icy conditions.