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Pure Salmon Oil CC Moore 500ml

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Regular price £10.99
Regular price Sale price £10.99

CC Moore 500ml Pure Salmon Oil

CC Moore Pure Salmon Oil: Versatile Attractant for Fishing

Key Features:

  1. Premium Grade Fish Oil: Pure, wintersized arctic salmon oil produced under stringent guidelines for the highest quality.

  2. Rich in Omega Fish Oils: Contains health-promoting omega fish oils that provide a broad spectrum of nutrients.

  3. Natural Salmon Taste and Aroma: Delivers a highly attractive natural salmon taste and aroma, enticing a variety of fish species.

  4. Winterised Formula: Suitable for cold water use, making it effective in various fishing conditions.

  5. Versatile Application: Ideal as a bait soak, hookbait or loose feed additive, boosting the attraction potential of baits.

  6. Surface Fishing: Creates a lasting surface oil slick, making it excellent for surface fishing and floaters.

  7. High in Energy: Rich in energy, making it an excellent source of nutrition for fish.

  8. PVA Friendly: Extremely PVA friendly, allowing for versatile application in different fishing presentations.

  9. Cost-Effective: Being a pure oil, it can be used at low levels, providing a cost-effective attractant option.

Usage Tips:

  • Bait Soak: Use as a bait soak to enhance the taste and aroma of boilies, pellets, and other baits.

  • Loose Feed Additive: Boost the attraction potential of loose feed mixes by incorporating Pure Salmon Oil.

  • Surface Baits: Coat surface baits to add a lasting, appetite-stimulating profile for surface fishing.

  • Spod and Zig Rig Mixes: Ideal for spod and zig rig mixes, creating attraction throughout the water column.

  • PVA Bags: Can be used in PVA bags to disperse attractants around the hookbait area.

  • Storage: Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, for optimal quality.

CC Moore Pure Salmon Oil serves as a versatile attractant for fishing. Whether enticing fish with its rich aroma or promoting pet health with omega-3 fatty acids, this premium-grade salmon oil is a valuable addition to the toolkit of anglers.