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Northern Specials CC Moore NS1+ Popups Full Range All Sizes - White Yellow Pink

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Regular price £9.99
Regular price Sale price £9.99

CC Moore Northern Specials NS1+ Popups: Unleashing Irresistible Attraction

Product Overview:

Introducing the Northern Specials NS1+ Popups in a full range of 13/14mm, this line of highly visible pop-ups has become an angling phenomenon. Known as 'I.B.s,' these pop-ups are the result of extensive development, combining powerful flavors, attractors, and a vivid bait dye to create a hookbait that has achieved near-mythical status in the angling community.

Northern Specials NS1 Hookbait Booster: A Zesty Sensation

Crafted from the same exclusive blend of flavors that makes Northern Specials a success, the Hookbait Booster is a super-concentrated liquid loaded with appetite stimulants and carefully chosen fruit flavors. This booster injects a zesty taste sensation into your baits, enticing fish to feed even in colder water temperatures.

For application, small doses are sufficient, and lightly coating baits before allowing them to dry maximizes effectiveness. While the process can be repeated, excess use may affect buoyancy. Pairing the NS1 Hookbait Booster with Northern Specials enhances attraction, drawing fish to your hookbait.

Northern Specials NS1+ Popups: Enhanced Attraction and Durability

Responding to the popularity of Northern Special NS1 Pop Ups, the NS1+ version comes in vibrant pink, bright yellow, and white. These pop-ups offer enhanced buoyancy and durability, suitable for Chod Rigs and Hinged Stiff Rigs. Lightly coating them with the hookbait booster intensifies their allure, making them irresistible over weeks or months.

Northern Special Booster Liquid: The Essence of Attraction

The liquid bait booster encapsulates the irresistible blend of liquid and powdered appetite stimulants found in the Northern Specials Hookbait Range. In a concentrated liquid form, it triggers a potent attraction when applied to boilies, particles, loose feeds, or hookbaits, in bags or paste. With a fruity profile, essential amino acids, low oil content for year-round effectiveness, and PVA friendliness, this booster is a versatile and effective addition to your angling arsenal.

Key Properties:

  • Potent fruity profile irresistible to fish
  • Supply of essential amino acids in a highly soluble liquid form
  • Year-round effectiveness in all temperatures with low oil content
  • Versatility in usage across various bait forms
  • Swift penetration of baits, releasing a hazy cloud of sweet, fruity attractors
  • Sweet, citrusy fruit taste and aroma triggering feeding
  • PVA friendliness for use in PVA bag and stick mixes
  • Mildly acidic pH level of 6.5

The Northern Specials NS1+ Popups and NS1 Hookbait Booster together provide an unbeatable combination, offering enhanced attraction and versatility to elevate your carp fishing experience.