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Nash Baits Instant Action 20mm Boilies

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Regular price £11.99
Regular price Sale price £11.99

Nash Baits Instant Action 20mm Boilies

Introducing the Finest Instant Action Boilies for Exceptional Attraction

Coconut Crème Boilies

Immerse yourself in the excellence of Coconut Crème Boilies – the pinnacle of instant action bait. Radiating a vibrant white hue for unparalleled visual appeal, this bait draws inspiration from the renowned Amber Strawberry. Infused with a meticulous blend of oil and water-soluble synthetic and natural attractors, along with dual sweeteners, Coconut Crème swiftly releases its aroma even in frigid waters while retaining a luscious, well-rounded taste.

Thriving in cold water conditions, this bait's solubility and color make it a consistent winner across various settings. Available in sizes 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, and 20mm, Coconut Crème accommodates any venue and presentation style.

Pineapple Crush Boilies

A perennial favorite, Pineapple Crush Boilies feature Nashbait's formidable Pineapple Oil Palatant enhanced with the legendary N-Butyric Acid on a digestible base mix for optimal leakage. The combination of yellow and white dyes ensures maximum visibility underwater, contributing to year-round effectiveness.

Strawberry Crush Boilies

Embark on a journey with Strawberry Crush Boilies, boasting one of the most intricate attractor packages in the Instant Action lineup. This bait melds three strawberry attractors on distinct solvent bases, including a highly soluble ethyl alcohol strawberry, the renowned Nash Strawberry Oil Palatant, and a traditional glycerol-based flavor. Teamed with Scopex No.1, it produces a rounded, fruity profile that releases attractors in all temperatures, establishing itself as a proven cold-water champion.

Featuring a pastel pink finish to evade suspicion on well-fished venues, Strawberry Crush mirrors older washed-out offerings. The base mix, enriched with milk powder, low-level tiger nut meal, and liver, significantly amplifies results. Two sweeteners, including Talin, culminate in a delectable taste reminiscent of strawberry yogurt.

Indulge in the excellence of these irresistible boilies, meticulously crafted for superior attraction and unrivaled performance across diverse fishing conditions.