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LIVE SYSTEM CC Moore Boilies - FULL RANGE - Pellets Liquids Popups Wafters

£8.99 - £51.99
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Regular price £12.99
Regular price Sale price £12.99
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Regular price £12.99
Regular price Sale price £12.99

LIVE SYSTEM *FULL RANGE* CC Moore Boilies Pellets Liquids Popups Wafters From £7

Welcome to our range featuring the full spectrum of CC Moore's Live System, available from a starting price of £7! This bait is renowned for its exceptional appeal, presenting a sweet, creamy allure that holds an impressive track record even in the most frigid conditions.

Crafted from a blend of milk and vegetable proteins, yeasts, cream powders, and other digestible elements, Live System emits powerful, soluble appetite stimulants, evoking an intense feeding response from even the most discerning and cautious large carp.

The boilies within this range stand out prominently. Celebrated for their cult-like following owing to their ability to attract fish when other bait varieties fail, these boilies possess a distinctively sweet and yeasty profile.

Their light, sandy hue serves as an added advantage, enticing fish visually, especially in less favorable conditions.

The incorporation of select ingredients less commonly found in UK bait production presents fish with a novel food item, setting it apart from their regular encounters.

With a blend of milk proteins, yeasts, textured vegetable proteins, bird foods, cream powders, Corn Steep Liquor Powder, and other highly digestible components, Live System emerges as the prime choice for year-round application, particularly where a more robust, sweeter bait with a distinctive aroma is desired.

Described as a blend of bird food and milk proteins, Live System possesses a creamy, sweet essence that also lends itself well to being flavored or infused with various liquid additives. Notably, it harmonizes excellently with citric and red fruit combinations.

For those seeking a bait suitable for year-round use without necessitating pre-baiting or complementing another bait, Live System stands as the ideal selection.

Moreover, our hard hookbaits are fortified to resist the unwanted attention of nuisance fish and crayfish. Enriched with egg and milk proteins, they boast exceptional nutritional value and durability, remaining submerged for a minimum of 18 hours. We strongly recommend drilling these baits for rigging rather than utilizing a needle.

For an added boost, our booster liquids, made from the same attractants used in our freezer bait production, elevate the allure of any bait subjected to soaking or dipping.

In essence, this highly concentrated liquid additive, designed to intensify and enhance the flavor and aroma of our Live System White Pop Ups, other hookbaits, and bait varieties from the Live System Boilie Range, is a versatile and potent enhancement. Supplied in an easy-to-use spray bottle, it boasts a pH-balanced formula that triggers intense feeding responses, suitable for use throughout the year, and is PVA friendly, ideal for augmenting bag or stick mixes.