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Liquid Robin Red CC Moore 500ml

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Regular price £12.99
Regular price Sale price £12.99

CC Moore 500ml Liquid Robin Red

CC Moore Liquid Robin Red: Sweet, Spicy, and Highly Attractive

Key Features:

  1. Distinctive Formula: Liquid Robin Red is a sweet, spicy liquid food with a deep red, pepper-based profile.

  2. Haith's Robin Red®: Enriched with a high level of Haith's famous Robin Red®, known for its potent attraction.

  3. Red Coating: A thick, oily liquid designed for adding a red 'coating' of Robin Red® particles to boilies and hookbaits.

  4. Particle and Spod Mix Additive: Highly effective as an additive for particle and spod mixes, enhancing their attractiveness.

  5. PVA Friendly: 100% PVA friendly, allowing for versatile application in different fishing presentations.

Usage Tips:

  • Boilie Enhancement: Apply Liquid Robin Red to boilies to create a red coating, adding to their visual and flavor appeal.

  • Hookbait Soak: Use as a soak for hookbaits to infuse them with the sweet, spicy, and red pepper profile.

  • Particle Mix: Enhance particle mixes by incorporating Liquid Robin Red for increased attraction.

  • Spod Mix Additive: Add to spod mixes to create a highly attractive and visually stimulating feeding area.

  • Year-Round Use: Suitable for use throughout the year, providing versatility in various fishing conditions.

  • PVA Bags: Can be used in PVA bags to disperse attractants around the hookbait area.

Note: Always refer to the product's specific instructions and guidelines for the recommended usage and application.

CC Moore Liquid Robin Red offers a distinctive liquid food with a sweet, spicy, and deep red profile. Enriched with Haith's Robin Red®, this liquid is designed for creating a red coating on boilies and hookbaits, adding to their attractiveness. Additionally, it serves as an effective additive for particle and spod mixes, enhancing the overall appeal in the water. With its PVA-friendly nature, Liquid Robin Red provides flexibility in different fishing presentations, making it a valuable asset for anglers seeking potent attractants for their carp fishing endeavors.