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Liquid Krill CC Moore 500ml

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Regular price £12.99
Regular price Sale price £12.99

CC Moore 500ml Liquid Krill Compound

CC Moore Whole Krill Compound: Enhance Your Bait Attraction

Key Features:

  1. Highly Attractive Liquid: The Whole Krill Compound by CC Moore is a highly attractive, PVA-friendly liquid designed to enhance the attraction of your bait.

  2. Chopped Fresh Krill: It contains chopped fresh Krill, adding a natural and irresistible element to the liquid.

  3. Amino Acid-Rich Fish Protein: Loaded with amino acid-rich fish protein, the compound contributes to the overall nutritional appeal for fish.

  4. Soluble Attractors: The liquid is formulated with soluble attractors, providing a stimulative effect for year-round feeding.

  5. Rich Natural Krill Aroma: The Whole Krill Compound features a rich natural krill aroma, adding a scent trail that entices fish.

  6. Salty Taste: The inclusion of a salty taste enhances the overall taste profile, making it more appealing to fish.

  7. Versatile Application: This liquid is versatile and can be used as an additive for boosting the attraction of loose feeds, hookbaits, and boilies.

Usage Tips:

  • Loose Feeds: Add the Whole Krill Compound to your loose feeds to create an enticing and attractive feeding zone.

  • Hookbaits & Boilies: Apply the liquid to your hookbaits and boilies to infuse them with the rich krill aroma and taste.

  • PVA Bags or Mesh: The PVA-friendly nature of the liquid allows for easy use in PVA bags or mesh, facilitating precise bait placement.

Note: Always refer to the product's specific instructions and guidelines for the recommended usage and application.

The CC Moore Whole Krill Compound is a valuable tool for anglers seeking to elevate the attraction of their bait with the irresistible scent and taste of fresh Krill. Incorporate this liquid into your fishing strategy to create a potent and appealing presentation for a variety of fishing scenarios.