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Gallon Live Maggots Bulk Fishing Bait Fresh

£29.99 - £31.99
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Regular price £31.99
Regular price Sale price £31.99


Your maggots will come in a large bag and will be stunned to preserve freshness. Once they arrive, carefully open one end of the bag and leave to warm up. Once you see the maggots being more lively (can take several hours) then transfer to a bucket or container ready for use.

We suggest a sprinkle of maize flour to get rid of any moisture which we can include in a seperate bag using the dropdown above.

Explore the finest selection of maggots in the UK, offered at highly competitive prices. Maggots stand as a highly coveted bait, esteemed in commercial fishing and cherished by a variety of pet species. Their widespread appeal makes them a favorite across the angling spectrum!

Our commitment to quality is evident as we meticulously handpick and pack fresh maggots upon your order. Delivered in a specially designed box that effortlessly fits through your letterbox, convenience meets quality at your doorstep. To preserve their freshness, we chill and pack them in thick polythene bags with controlled oxygen levels, ensuring they reach you in prime condition.

Our preservation process has no lasting impact on your bait. Anglers have successfully used similar methods for years to extend the life of their bait.

Upon arrival, your maggots will be in good feed sacks, maintaining freshness for at least two weeks when properly chilled. For optimal storage, keep them at a chilling temperature between 1-2 degrees Celsius.

Upon release from the packaging, allow up to 4 hours for the maggots to revive. This rejuvenation period ensures they are lively and at their best, ready to attract the attention of your target catch. With our meticulous care and attention to detail, trust our maggots to be the perfect bait for your angling pursuits.