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Frenzied Particles Hemp & Groundbaits Dynamite Baits - FULL RANGE - Tigers Maize

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Regular price £6.99
Regular price Sale price £6.99


Frenzied Hempseed, available in original, spicy chilli, and garlic flavors, stored in convenient tins and jars, offers anglers a natural and effective bait. Here's why it's a top choice for fishing enthusiasts:

  • Natural Cooking Process:

    • All baits are cooked inside the packaging to retain oils and natural attractants from the hemp.
    • No preservatives are added, ensuring a completely natural bait for an authentic fishing experience.
  • Versatile Packaging Options:

    • Choose from 2.5l jars for extended sessions or 700g tins for on-the-go storage in your carryall or rucksack.
    • New 350g tins available for shorter sessions or when a smaller amount of bait is needed.
  • Frenzied Feeder Jars:

    • Ready-to-use 2.5ltr jars are ideal for long sessions, prepared for immediate use straight from the screw-top jar, packed with juices and attractants.
  • Frenzied Feeder Naked Pulses & Particles:

    • Natural particle mix with no added preservatives, cooked in the jar or tin to retain oils and attractants.
    • Ready-to-use straight from the tin or jar, providing chunky particles in their own natural oils.
  • Frenzied Sweetcorn and Luncheon Meat:

    • Options include Sweetcorn with flavors like Scopex, F1 Sweet, Match Super Sweet, and Krill.
    • Luncheon Meat varieties cover Specimen Tuff, Match Washed Out, Krill, and F1 Sweet.
  • Frenzied Meatcorn - Corn Mix 260g:

    • A mix suitable for big fish river anglers, carp anglers, and match fishermen.
    • Ultra-low fat meat for hair-rigging or hooking direct, available in vacuum-sealed packs.
  • Robin Red Oozing Luncheon Meat 260g:

    • Featuring the renowned Robin Red attractant, designed for successful fishing.
  • Marine Halibut Pellet Mix Luncheon Meat 260g:

    • A blend of Marine Halibut Pellets and luncheon meat for enhanced attraction.
  • Garlic Specimen Tuff 250g:

    • Garlic-flavored meat ideal for attracting fish in various fishing scenarios.
  • Frenzied Sweetcorn:

    • Fresh and ready-to-use match packs in flavors like F1 Sweet, offering firm hook holds and Red Spotter hookbaits for better fish.
  • Frenzied Meat:

    • Various unique flavors suitable for match, coarse, and specimen anglers.
    • Ultra-low fat meat for durability and flexibility in different fishing situations.

Frenzied Hempseed and its diverse range ensure you have the perfect bait for every angling adventure, combining natural appeal and effective attractants for a successful catch!