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Fjuka Sensate Powder Liquid Bundle 1000:1 Fish Accelerant

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Regular price £27.99
Regular price Sale price £27.99


This bundle is for 1 x Choice of Fish Accelerant Liquid + 1 x Pot of Sensate Powder

This concentrated formula is packed with billions of quick-release attractants in every drop, enriched with a bait dye for personalized feed and hook-baits. Comprising eight attractants, stimulants, and taste enhancers, the Sensate™ Fish Accelerant Bait Dye also includes a blocker to neutralize fish-repellents such as sweat, fuel, and sunscreen.

Micro-nutrients in the formula ensure the rapid release of taste and flavor into the water, providing an instant allure to fish. The 95ml 1000:1 concentrate guarantees literally billions of quick-release particles in every drop, making it a highly effective and economical choice for anglers.

The addition of the NEW Sensate™ Fish Accelerant Bait Dye introduces a new dimension to bait customization. Fish are attracted to different colors based on various factors like season, weather, and light conditions. Now, anglers can effortlessly change bait color in seconds, while the Sensate™ Fish Accelerant works its magic to entice fish to feed rapidly.

Discover the versatility of this Trade Pack:

  • Fishery Pellets with an Edge: Stand out with red, yellow, or green pellets, infused with the pulling power of Sensate™.
  • Supercharge your Hookbaits: Dye pop-ups, wafters, and sinkers for Sensate™-loaded baits with added visual attraction.
  • Add to Spod-Mix or Slop: Create a vivid, fish-attracting colored cloud in the water.
  • Customize Corn, Meat, or Paste: Craft stand-out bait laced with Sensate™ Fish Accelerant.
  • Add Dyed Micros to Method Feeders: Create your own multi-colored carp catcher.
  • Make Bright Hard Hookbaits: Sensate-loving carp can't resist brightly colored fishery pellets.
  • Even Customize Artificial Hookbaits: Add color-loaded Sensate™ to boost fake corn, maggots, and Zig foam.

Creating customized bait with the pulling power of Sensate™ is simple and fish-friendly:

  1. Hookbaits: Add a couple of drops of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant Bait Dye directly to your hookbait.
  2. Pellets & Groundbait: Add a couple of drops of Sensate™ Bait Dye to water used to soak your pellets or mix your groundbaits.
  3. Feeders: Add a squirt of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant Bait Dye to your loaded feeder to attract fish rapidly.

Note: The bottle is not full to the rim to allow room for activation. Shake vigorously to activate the formula and unleash its full potential. Enhance your angling experience with Sensate™ Fish Accelerant Bait Dye.


Introducing the groundbreaking Sensate™ Power Powder Red – a revolutionary addition to the best-selling Sensate™ Fish Accelerant line, now available in an exciting powder form.

Originally developed as a prototype sample in collaboration with the 9k strong Fjuka Anglers Group, the overwhelming demand has prompted an earlier official launch. The Sensate™ Power Powder Red is designed to address the sticky nature of maggots when flavored with Sensate™ liquids. Unlike liquids, the powder ensures a more even distribution around groundbait and paste mixes, opening up a myriad of applications discovered during extensive group testing.

When submerged underwater, this powder instantly creates a rising, expanding cloud of attraction, accompanied by a vivid glow that significantly enhances catch rates. Its versatility shines as it can be used to instantly boost various bait types, including maggots, meats, pellets, corn, boilies, and bread. Packed with billions of quick-release attractants in every pinch, the powder boasts a 100g, 1000:1 concentrate with a striking red dye. The formula includes a comprehensive blend of eight different attractants, stimulants, and taste enhancers, ensuring a potent and effective fishing experience. Experience the future of angling attractants with Sensate™ Power Powder Red.