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Fjuka Neeonz Hookbaits Neon Soft

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Regular price £5.99
Regular price Sale price £5.99

Fjuka Neeonz Hookbaits Neon **Full Range** Pink White Yellow Orange for £5.99

Fjuka Neeonz, the hyper-fluoro soft hookbaits infused with Sensate™ quick-release attractants, are the go-to choice for anglers seeking instant responses from sight feeders. These soft hookbaits come in four super-bright colors, each proven to elicit rapid reactions from various species including carp, bream, barbel, F1s, tench, and more.

Key Features:

  1. Hyper-Fluoro Colors: Fjuka Neeonz boast hyper-fluoro colors that are scientifically crafted to trigger immediate responses from sight-feeding fish, ensuring your bait stands out in the water.

  2. Versatile Rigging Options: Whether you prefer to hook them directly, mount them on a spike, or use a hair rig, Fjuka Neeonz provide flexibility in presentation. Additionally, these soft hookbaits can be easily wrapped around pellets or boilies to suit your fishing style.

  3. Soft Texture for Quick Attractant Release: The soft texture of Fjuka Neeonz facilitates the rapid release of attractants into the water, creating an irresistible scent trail that prompts fast and confident bites.

  4. Boosted with Extra Sensate™ Attractants: Fjuka Neeonz are enriched with additional Sensate™ attractants, ensuring an amplified pulling power that effectively lures fish from a distance.

Packaged in a convenient resealable tub, each containing over 150 soft hookbaits, Fjuka Neeonz offer both quality and quantity for anglers seeking proven results. Elevate your fishing experience with these hyper-fluoro soft hookbaits, designed to captivate and entice a variety of fish species in diverse angling scenarios.