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ESP Syncro Carp Mainline Loaded Sinking Mono 1000m Carp Fishing All Sizes

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Regular price £19.49
Regular price £19.89 Sale price £19.49


Key Features of ESP Syncro XT Loaded Monofilament:

  1. XT - Extra Tough: The "XT" in Syncro XT stands for "Extra Tough," indicating that this monofilament is highly abrasion-resistant and durable.

  2. This feature ensures that the line can withstand the challenges of various fishing environments.

  3. Achievable Knot Strength: The breaking strain quoted on each spool represents an easily achievable knot strength, particularly with carefully tied, mechanically superior knots like the five-turn grinner.

    • 10lb (possible 15lb), diameter 0.30mm
    • 12lb (possible 17.5lb), diameter 0.33mm
    • 15lb (possible 21lb), diameter 0.37mm
    • 18lb (possible 26lb), diameter 0.40mm

    • The achievable knot strengths are provided for different breaking strains and diameters, allowing anglers to optimize the line's strength.
  4. Proven Performance: The original Syncro XT mono, launched in 2011, has become widely used and respected among anglers.

  5. It is known for unbeatable knot strength, optimal stretch, superb abrasion resistance, and casting performance. Renowned anglers such as Terry Hearn, Gaz Fareham, Kev Hewitt, Martin Bowler, and others have switched to Syncro XT for its reliability.

  6. Sinking Properties: Syncro XT Loaded, introduced as an extension of the Syncro XT range, offers enhanced sinking properties. It sinks through the surface film virtually unaided and stays tight to the lake bed. This makes it suitable for various fishing approaches, including slack line presentations.

  7. Dark Olive Color: The line features a dark olive color, providing effective camouflage against lake beds. This color is difficult to see, especially when suspended off the rod tips, even in clear water.

  8. Bulk Spool Options: Available on 1,000m bulk spools, providing anglers with sufficient line for their fishing needs.

  9. Limp and Supple: Syncro XT Loaded is limp straight off the spool. To enhance its suppleness, it is recommended to soak the line overnight so that it absorbs water during loading onto the reel spool

  10. Continuous Testing: Ongoing testing and refinement have led to the development of Syncro XT Loaded, ensuring that it meets the high standards set by the original Syncro XT.

Syncro XT Loaded Monofilament is designed to meet the demands of anglers seeking a reliable and high-performance mainline.

With its extra-tough properties, achievable knot strengths, sinking capabilities, and dark olive color for effective camouflage, it caters to various fishing situations and preferences. The line's proven performance and endorsement by respected anglers contribute to its reputation within the angling community.