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ESP PVA Bags Mk2 Solid Bags All Sizes NEW Carp Fishing Bags

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Regular price £4.49
Regular price Sale price £4.49

Enhance Your Baiting Tactics with our Special PVA Bags

Our specially designed PVA bags are a game-changer in precision baiting, offering strength, reliability, and a residue-free breakdown. Here's why they stand out:

Tough and Residue-Free: Our PVA film is not just tough and strong; it also melts down seamlessly without leaving any residue. This ensures that your bait is released precisely within the correct timeframe, avoiding premature dispersion.

Versatile Options: Whether you prefer Plain PVA Bags for oil-based liquid additives, Perforated PVA Bags for efficient sinking in deep water, or Sock Bags for a combination of pellets, liquids, and lead, we have you covered. Each type serves a specific purpose, allowing you to tailor your approach based on the fishing conditions.

Varied Sizes for Every Need: Choose from our range of sizes to suit your baiting requirements:

  • Mini (50mm x 100mm, 25 units): Ideal for distance casting, ensuring accurate bait delivery.
  • Multi (60mm x 120mm, 25 units): Balanced weight for accurate casting, suitable for various baiting scenarios.
  • Sock (60mm x 180mm, 20 units): Perfect for heavy loads, reaching depths with precision.
  • Bulk (80mm x 160mm, 20 units): Designed for packing larger amounts of bait, striking a balance between quantity and casting range.

Key Features:

  • Consistent Breakdown: Our PVA bags break down consistently, reaching the bottom even in deep waters.
  • Impact Resistance: The tough film can withstand impact, ensuring durability during casting.
  • Oil-Based Additives: Plain bags are suitable for use with oil-based liquid additives and flavorings.

Elevate your baiting strategy with our reliable and efficient PVA bags. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, our range provides the tools you need for successful and targeted bait deployment.