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Drennan Method Feeders

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Regular price £10.00
Regular price Sale price £10.00

Choose your desired size and pattern and we'll send you 3 feeders for £10.

Key Features of the Method Bombs:

  1. Four Size Options: Available in four sizes - 25g, 30g, 35g, and the largest at 45g, catering to various fishing scenarios and depths.

  2. Ease of Use: Designed for easy filling with either a single or double layer of bait without the need for a mould. This user-friendly design simplifies the baiting process.

  3. Ventilated Base: The heavily ventilated base efficiently holds groundbait and pellets, aiding in their breakdown once the feeder reaches the bottom. This feature enhances the feeder's effectiveness in attracting fish.

  4. Method Connector: Each feeder is supplied with a Method Connector, offering a quick and easy loop-to-loop attachment. The connector is designed for convenient use, even in adverse conditions, such as cold and wet weather. It neatly fits into a recess in the nose of the feeder.

  5. Weight Forward Design: The weight-forward and streamlined design ensures accurate and long-range casting. This is particularly beneficial for anglers targeting distant spots.

  6. Short Boom Design: The short boom with a tapered, streamlined rubber minimizes the risk of tangles. This design choice avoids a long boom, which can be conspicuous and potentially disruptive, especially in commercial fisheries.

  7. Depression on Feeder Bottom: Features a handy depression on the bottom of the feeder. This allows anglers to fold the hooklength back into the feed without the risk of damaging the line on the edge of the feeder. This detail contributes to the overall durability and functionality of the feeder.

The Method Bombs are versatile and user-friendly feeders that cater to anglers' needs in different fishing situations. With thoughtful design features, these feeders are well-equipped for accurate casting, effective bait presentation, and ease of use, making them a valuable addition to an angler's toolkit.

Key Features of the Method Feeder:

  1. Optimized Shape: The feeder is designed to enhance casting distance and improve accuracy, especially in strong cross-winds. The shape is carefully crafted to provide optimal aerodynamics during casting.

  2. Bait-Holding Ribs: The two largest bait-holding ribs on the body of the feeder are well spaced and curved away from each other. This configuration creates a generous gap for placing the hook bait in the optimum position, ensuring effective presentation.

  3. Alignment with Bait Mould: The bait-holding area aligns with a recess in a Drennan bait mould. This ensures consistent and precise positioning of the bait every time, contributing to a streamlined and efficient fishing process.

  4. Non-Stick, Easy Release Bait Mould: Used in conjunction with the non-stick, easy release bait mould, the feeder allows anglers to achieve perfectly shaped groundbait and/or pellet mouldings consistently. This feature adds convenience and efficiency to bait preparation.

  5. Slim-Line Loop-to-Loop Method Connector Bead: The feeder comes with a special slim-line loop-to-loop Method Connector bead. This allows anglers to easily swap feeders and quickly change the hook link in a matter of seconds. This feature enhances versatility and adaptability during fishing sessions.

  6. Heavyweight Sizes: The introduction of Heavyweight sizes, such as 35g and 45g, caters to specific needs, providing ideal options for long-range casts, casting into headwinds, and offering increased stability on steep slopes.

  7. Better Design, Build, and Value: The product emphasizes superior design, build quality, and value for money compared to alternatives in the market. This commitment to excellence ensures that anglers receive a reliable and high-performance tool for their fishing endeavors.

The Method Feeder from Drennan incorporates thoughtful design elements to optimize casting, bait presentation, and overall fishing efficiency. With features like well-spaced bait-holding ribs, alignment with a bait mould, and a slim-line loop-to-loop connector, this feeder is a valuable asset for anglers seeking a superior and user-friendly fishing experience.