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DNA Baits The Bug - FULL RANGE - Boilies, Pellets, Glug, Popups

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Regular price £11.49
Regular price Sale price £11.49

DNA Baits The Bug **FULL RANGE** Boilies, Pellets, Glug, Popups from £7.99

In 2017, work commenced on The Bug following EU legislation allowing Processed Animal Proteins (PAP) from insects in aquaculture feed. This marked a significant step towards sustainable protein sources in the bait market.

Negotiations began with a Black Soldier Fly meal producer, a biotech company with commendable ethics. They used a consistent substrate from brewing industry spoils, allowing control over fat and protein levels. Our preference for a completely defatted meal led to a higher protein content than market alternatives, alongside more nutritional fats.

Among the quality functional ingredients are unique additions. An exceptional poultry meat hydrolysate, available in powdered and liquid forms, offers a distinct savory taste profile. This hydrolysate is highly soluble with almost 0% fat, providing a rich amino profile for cyprinids. Additionally, a powdered fermented maize hydrolysate enhances palatability and solubility.

As with all DNA baits, liquid foods complement the base mix. This includes a liquid maize extract and a sustainable microscopic crustacean extract high in free amino acids, introduced in 2018 after collaboration with a Norwegian fishing company. The flavor profile surprises testers, with a creamy, chocolate malt-like aroma smoothed by a unique taste enhancer and proven flavor blend.

Despite cutting-edge ingredients, The Bug exudes an old-school charm, instilling angler confidence in its appeal to carp. Note that Insect Meal may vary in color throughout the year based on production processes and larval substrate. Buyers should be aware of potential color changes in products containing Insect Meal.