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CC Moore Mini Halibut Pellets Baits & Wafters Bundle - All Sizes

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Regular price £14.99
Regular price Sale price £14.99

The CCMoore bag mix bundle is your ultimate solution for outsmarting those elusive and cunning carp, especially in heavily-fished lakes where they've seen it all. This tried-and-true black combo has stood the test of time, proving its effectiveness across numerous lakes for many years.

Containing a generous kilogram of 2mm pellets complemented by a pot of Halibut wafters, this bundle equips you with the ultimate secret weapon: a PVA bag mix that's likely to be a novelty in your venue. Crafted to intrigue and entice, this mix sets itself apart, offering a unique and rarely seen combination that's bound to pique the interest of even the most wary carp.

The 2mm pellets serve as the solid backbone of this bundle, providing an irresistible attraction and sustenance to keep the carp lingering in your swim. Paired with the Halibut wafters, known for their buoyancy and potent scent, this combination not only entices but also presents an unconventional and stealthy presentation that catches the carp off guard.

This secret squirrel PVA bag mix is designed to be your ace up the sleeve, giving you the edge in waters where carp have become wary of traditional baits and presentations. It's an opportunity to present something refreshingly new, enticing, and irresistible, possibly giving you that extra advantage needed to outwit even the most experienced of carp.