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CC Moore Live System Boilies Shelf Life

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Regular price £12.99
Regular price Sale price £12.99

Live System is the real deal, folks. It's a sweet, creamy, milk protein and bird food-based boilie that's been rocking the fishing scene since it burst onto the scene back in 2002. This bait is like a legend in the making, known for its ability to lure both instant and big fish over the long haul.

What makes Live System stand out is its open texture and super digestible ingredients. This combo makes it release potent appetite triggers that work their magic in all water temperatures. So, it's not just a fair-weather friend – it's a year-round superstar that keeps on reeling in the big ones even when other baits fall short.

You've got options with Live System, too. You can snag it in shelf life or freezer bait. So, if you're looking for a bait that's proven its mettle over the years, Live System might be your new secret weapon. Give it a shot and see why it's earned its legendary status in the fishing world.

Live System Boilies have been a top choice for UK and European anglers since they hit the scene in 2002. These little gems are packed with high-quality proteins, yeasts, bird foods, cream powders, CSL Powder, and other easy-to-digest ingredients. They're a fish magnet, no doubt about it.

What sets Live System apart is its ability to release powerful, water-soluble appetite triggers in any water temperature. This makes it a top-notch, year-round bait that fish just can't resist. Even when other baits are taking a winter break, Live System is still on the job.

Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect: 

  • These boilies are low in oil, super attractive, and perfect for year-round fishing.
  • They've got that sweet almond taste and a hint of vanilla cream aroma.
  • Packed with essential amino acids from quality proteins.
  • They're loaded with milk, yeast, poultry, and veggie proteins.
  • The easily digestible carbs make them irresistible to fish.
  • With seed content for vitamins and minerals, they're a nutritious treat.
  • Bird food content gives them an open texture and fantastic leakage.
  • And the best part? They've been delivering top-notch results since 2002.

Just a couple of tips for you: if you're rocking the Shelf Life Boilies, keep 'em cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. And please, don't let them sweat. For Freezer Baits, make sure they stay frozen, and if they've been out of the freezer for more than 48 hours, give them a little air-drying love.

One more thing to note: our boilies don't have synthetic dyes, so different batches might vary in color. This is all because of the natural color variations in the ingredients we use. But don't worry, it doesn't mess with the quality or how well they perform. In fact, these variations mimic the colors of natural fish food, like snails, mussels, and bloodworms. Fish are all about that natural goodness.

Now, a heads up – Live System Boilies can be a bit soft if you're using a throwing stick right out of the bag. To make them more stick-friendly, you can air dry them or give them a good coating of liquids to firm them up. It's all about making them work for you. Enjoy your fishing with Live System Boilies!