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CC Moore Live System 10kg Boilies 18mm Shelf Life + Live System Popups

Regular price £88.99
Regular price £98.99 Sale price £88.99
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Regular price £88.99
Regular price £98.99 Sale price £88.99

CC Moore Live System 10kg Boilies 18mm Shelf Life + Live System Popups £88.99

Embark on an angling adventure like never before with the exclusive CC Moore Live System Bundle Deal priced at just £88.99! This exceptional offer includes a generous 10 kilograms of 18mm Live System Boilies coupled with a tantalizing selection of Live System Popups, ensuring you have the perfect bait arsenal for your fishing expeditions.

A Closer Look at What You'll Receive:

1. 10KG of 18mm Live System Boilies:

  • These golden orbs from CC Moore are a coveted addition to any angler's toolkit. The 18mm Live System Boilies boast a sweet and creamy flavor profile, accompanied by an irresistible aroma. Crafted for maximum digestibility, these boilies guarantee confident feeding responses from the most elusive fish, even in the trickiest of conditions.

2. Live System Popups:

  • Enhance your fishing setup with the Live System Popups, meticulously designed to complement the boilies. These buoyant popups not only add an extra layer of attraction but also increase the visibility of your bait, ensuring it stands out and tempts curious fish to investigate.

Why Opt for CC Moore Live System?

- Digestible & Irresistible:

  • The Live System Boilies are formulated to be highly digestible, offering a taste and aroma that fish find irresistibly enticing. The sweet, creamy notes make them a go-to choice for alluring even the most cautious fish.

- Year-Round Effectiveness:

  • Live System's low oil content, coupled with soluble attractors, ensures its effectiveness across all seasons. Whether you're engaged in short, spontaneous sessions or embarking on a prolonged campaign for sizable catches, Live System caters to all your angling needs.

- Proven Performance:

  • With a legacy dating back to 2003, Live System has earned the trust of anglers worldwide. Its consistent and outstanding performance has positioned it as a reliable and productive bait, delivering remarkable catch results time and time again.