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CC Moore Carp Freaks Pop Ups BRAND NEW Carp Fishing Bait Pop Ups All Sizes

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Regular price £9.99
Regular price Sale price £9.99


Enter the world of Carp Freaks – an exquisite range of pop-ups meticulously crafted by renowned UK carp angler Mark Pitchers. Born from years of dedication and refinement by Mark, these exceptional pop-ups have carved a name for themselves due to their unparalleled success and an undeniably irresistible fruity-cream allure that speaks directly to any carp in the vicinity.

What sets Carp Freaks apart from the conventional realm of hookbaits is their unique steaming process. Unlike the standard boiling technique employed for most hookbaits, Carp Freaks undergo a meticulous steaming process. This method ensures that every potent attractor encapsulated within their carefully curated recipe remains sealed within, eagerly awaiting the precise moment they are introduced to water. As soon as these gems make contact with the water in your swim, a tantalizing flood of attractors is unleashed, casting an irresistible spell that beckons the attention of nearby carp.

Mark's devotion to perfecting the Carp Freaks range shines through in every aspect, from their enticing fruity-cream profile to the innovative steaming process. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that these pop-ups exude an unparalleled appeal that resonates profoundly with carp, making Carp Freaks an indispensable addition to any angler's arsenal. Whether cast into the depths or suspended enticingly, the Carp Freaks promise an enticing experience, inviting the carp for an irresistible taste that they simply cannot resist.